Activities undertaken by CLCs

The various activities mentioned above are being carried out through Women's Groups, Youth Groups, Farmer's Groups and Elders' Groups. Rehabilitation activities such as the reconstruction of local schools, temples and other social organizations are also included in the program. On top of these activities, the CLCs have helped in the mobilization of the people and organize to work for their own improvement.

Initially, the NRC-NFE helped the Banepa Municipality to set up Community Learning Centers (CLCs) The CLCs an effort to provide a permanent infrastructure for carrying out literacy and continuing education program linked with people's development after the completion of the basic literacy program. Later this model of CLC was expanded to many places in Nepal.

After Banepa NRC-NFE extended with the CLC model in different parts of country. It has been implementing different project for the promotion of the CLCs. Similarly NRC-NFE has been providing guidance and training to its entire partner NGOs to set up and manage CLCs providing training and guidance to them. The effectiveness of each CLC depends upon vision, mission and capabilities of local leaders and CLC functionaries. Therefore, in Nepal all CLCs are not at the same stage. They differ from one another in terms of their local people's interest, dedication and most importantly on the quality of the local leaders.